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Home & Auto Insurance

You should have an insurance review with your agent evey two or three years.  Why?  Because things change!  The coverage you got a few years back may be more or less than what you need.  Call Carl to compare a new policy with your current one.  A few minutes with Carl can get you the right coverage and save you hundreds!


Carl Novara is an insurance agent who has high integrity for his clients protection.  He will make sure you have the coverage you need for your situation at the best cost possible by meeting with you and getting to know you and what needs to be covered.  Why choose anyone else?  Call Carl today for your insurance review & proposal.

What you get with my agency

Get the correct coverage for your situation

Insurance review opportunity every year

High Quality Customer Service

Annual Declining Home Deductibles

Multiple home policies options

Very Competitive Rates

Detailed explanation of coverage's

Client Emergency Contact Program

Client Home Inventory Program

Client Auto Accident Kits

Call/Text: 918.516.5186      Email:

Reasons to call us:


  • Buying a new home!

  • Building a new home!

  • Unhappy with your current agent or insurance company!

  • Your insurance cost went up!

  • You need an insurance review!

  • I never hear from my agent!

  • I need a home inventory kit

  • Novara agency is just awesome!

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