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Group Health Insurance

Min. of 1 Employee   
Min of 2 Members   
Oklahoma Groups Only  

Businesses with as few as one on up to
fifty employees can qualify for health
insurance group plans. Work with us to
save time and money finding the right one!
If you need a plan as soon as possible fill
out and send us your census. We will
respond back with a comprehensive
Oklahoma group health insurance quote  
in a timely response.

Are Health Care Reform laws
confusing you? We have up to date
information and welcome all your

Has qualifying for group insurance
been a problem in the past? Let us
show you how to do it!

Oklahoma Group Health Insurance choices are
and are offered in "tailored" packages from
most of the major insurance companies.

Small business group insurance plans are flexible
and offer choices that address individual financial
requirements as well as the medical coverage
needs of both employee & employer.

Some of the available options include:

Employee Elect
Employers can implement a small business group
insurance plan that includes multiple individual
plans. Employees can then "elect" an individual
plan of their own choosing. Even though they are
part of a group, they get to choose what is best for
them individually.

Employer Contributions
Employers are better able to manage expenses..
Ways employers can contribute to this group
insurance include:
- Under a pre-set limit.
- A Selected Fixed Cost.
- A Percentage of Total Monthly Premium

Use of Pre-Tax Dollars
Both employers and employees can make their
contributions with pre-tax dollars deducted from the company's payroll.

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