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Receive instant input on your 
health insurance options.  Shopping for an individual only policy or a child only policy, choose the health insurance plan that best fits your needs.  Your age and zip code is all you need to receive an instant report from us and we search all major Oklahoma health insurance providers to get you the best plan at the best price.

Individual and/or Family Health Insurance is 
needed when one does not have any health 
coverage from their employer or the coverage you 
do receive is insufficient for your needs.

Self-Employed Individuals may also choose to 
have individual health insurance coverage. However,
today if you own a business with just two salaried 
employees, you may qualify for group coverage.

Managed Care is what most of today's Oklahoma 
health insurance plans provide individuals.  
Managed care was developed to keep health care 
costs from skyrocketing out of control. It's intent was 
to deliver lower cost health care via "managing" the 
use of the healthcare, the quality of the healthcare, 
and the cost of the healthcare. Multiple types of 
managed care plans exist based upon different 
combinations of health risks and payment ability. 
Your basic choices include:

PPO                   HMO                   HSA

As of January 1, 2014, all citizens will be required to 
purchase health coverage or will face a penalty.  If 
your income is above $44,000, you will not be able 
to use the OK Health exchange and receive 
subsidies and a family of four making above $92,000
will also not qualify for the exchange subsidies.

Call us at 918.383.0881 to discuss what your health 
risks are and what type of budget you have for 
health insurance coverage. Let's find what is best for

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