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Medicare A & B,  Supplement or
Medigap, PPO & HMO plans, Medicare
Advantage, Part D Prescription.  How
do you choose what's best?  It starts
with knowing all about "you" - your
doctors, medications and budget!  
There are many decisions in choosing
supplemental medicare insurance. It's
a difficult task to take on by one's self.

Let us help match your needs to
the best  solutions for your medicare
supplemental senior health care
needs. Once a decision is made there
are only certain windows of time to
make any changes and sometimes
even a change can be difficult!

Please give us a call right now with
your individual & unique  needs do you
can know the best options for "you."

Medicare Health Insurance and Medicare
Supplemental Coverage Insurance can be very and options. Without expert guidance you can be caught short on your initial choices and then also find yourself with no way to make changes to those choices until designated periods of times within the calendar year.

Making the right choices for your medical and
"budgetary" needs requires expert guidance,
honest and well-qualified answers. If you live in
Oklahoma, please contact me at 918.383.0881, or via email or use the "need assistance" form to the right. I welcome both new medicare applicants and those who are in need of updating their existing medicare options.

My goal is to make sure you know and understand all your medicare options and that your transition into medicare is an easy and successful experience.

Right now, with The Affordable Healthcare Act,
there is confusion on the future funding of
medicare and medicare advantage.  Also know that even though Medicare Advantage can look good when you first turn 65, it might be difficult to ever opt-out and switch into medicare unless you are prescription free and medically well.   Protect yourself and get the info you need to best take care of yourself. Contact us for guidance!

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