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We work with Builders

We work closely with many builders in Northeast Oklahoma.  Getting quality and reliable insurance coverage for the client is key!  Most importantly we work with the client to get the coverage right for them, no more no less!  We sit down with them and go through each coverage to make sure they understand the coverage they're getting!  Don't refer them to the cheapest company out there, send them to someone who is looking out for their best interest!  Because if they have a claim that's not paid out, guess who they're going to call!

Insurance Agent


Carl Novara

Key Points


  • Fast EOI Turnaround

  • Friendly Agent

  • High Quality Customer Service

  • Competitive Rates

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Dependable and Reliable personal service from myself

We Love Referrals!!!

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Call/Text me at: 918.516.5186 or email me at

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