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Why Rent when you can BUY!

Our home buyer event will give you the knowledge to help you buy a home.  Here are our top three reasons why you should own a home instead of renting!

You'll get some great tax benefits

You get a major tax break owning a home by deducting the interest you pay on your mortgage and even property taxes up to a certain amount.

You'll build equity rather than burn through cash

When property values rise you then gain instant equity in your home.  Every month you pay your mortgage you also gain additional equity in your home and that gets you much closer to owning your home outright.

You'll get more stability

When you rent, there's nothing stopping your landlord from booting you once the lease expires.  But when you own property, it's yours until you decide to sell it.

Our next home buyer class will be held at Restaurant at 11:30 on June 1st. 


We have only 10 spots available, first come first serve.


Heather - Mortgage


Kath - Real Estate

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